Out with a bang!

After two weeks of study and research on the Peruvian coastline, today, we head for the hills! At 11,000 ft the town of Julcan (a small community known to be the capital of potato production) will be home for the next week. WiFi may be scarce, but the hospitality abounds!

Juancan sent us off in style with the most spectacular fireworks display last Saturday. Along the maricon (the street that runs parallel to the beach) 20-30 ft towers of twirling whirling engineering fetes littered with fireworks went off one by one with musical accompaniment from both a band with a powerful horn section and mariaches (where are we?? Mexico or Peru?)


A Tale of Two Cities

On June 3rd, eleven students joined medical anthropologist Michelle Grocke, PhD., assisted by Rafael Vargas and Martha Diaz Adam, on a month of study and research in two Peruvian communities, Huanchaco and Julcán. Since the early 2000s, Utah State University, under the leadership of Dr. Bonnie Glass-Coffin, fostered a close relationship in Huanchaco providing students with an opportunity to live and breathe their studies in anthropology through an ethnographic field school. This year, the area expands to include a new site, Julcán, Peru. Students will each design unique ethnographic research projects to compare and contrast aspects of life in two locales: coastal Huanchaco and mountainous Julcán.

For three of the four weeks of study, we reside in Huanchaco, a few miles outside of the city of Trujillo (population one million). Trujillo may have the highest concentration of intellectuals with fifteen universities housed within this small-scale metropolis. If Trujillo capitalizes on academics, Huanchaco is where one breaks for a little “R & R”. The sound of waves crashing and birds chirping drown out the bustle of city life. So far, our time here is spent between anthropology and Spanish classes, exploring this little beach town, and eating well thanks to the cook at Hostal Huanchaco, Marita!

More on life in Huanchaco…


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